Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Delhi Day 1

The sight seeing started on an ominous note with a good south Indian meal in a south Indian restaurant called Saravana Bhavan... I ate like a pig considering that i was starving myself on the plane to avoid myself from spending 150 bucks on some useless crap. The first visit was to the place which is like an icon to our capital... The India gate... The climate that evening was pretty good by Delhi's standards of heat. The little cloud cover helped us form not being scorched by the July sun. The journey look us through the upper class of the residential areas. Rajpath road and the premises were extremely well maintained with not even a leaf out of place. The place around the India gate is a delight to a tourist, with beautifully manicured lawns and extremely well maintained roads. Well all this is expected considering that this is the place where 26th January's proceeding's start and places like the parliament and the Rastrapathi Bhavan are located. Me and my brother had a real fun time trying to read the names engraved on the masterpiece with the high zoom handy cam that we had at our disposal. Then after that we entered the high security zone where the offices of the Indian navy, army and air force were located. Now, these buildings also were superbly taken care of. Well because there was so much of security, all we could do was to just take a drive around the place and we got as far as the gate of Rastrapathi Bhavan.
We then moved to pay respects to the father of our nation. The place where he lies, Raj Ghat. The day got older and conversely the traffic was getting thicker. After a journey which lasted for about hour which would've taken just a third fraction of the time it took us in the place where i live, we reached Raj Ghat. Now, even here we were greeted with beautifully manicured lawns and well laid pathways. The most amazing thing about this place was that, there were more foreign tourists here that caught the eye than the number of Indians. It was good in a sense that he is still remembered through out the world. As we paid our respects and started walking back, i noticed the Indian cut of the place. The small corridor which took us near the grave was totally spray painted with pan masala's and other shit of that variety. So much for the respect that we pay for the person who took us to freedom.
Next, we went to visit a bit of history. Out of the numerous Mughal monuments in and around Delhi, we picked Humayun's tomb. The place which we could reach the fastest considering the time we had. The place was undoubtedly grand and was taken good care. But, we couldn't help, but to feel that the ASI could have done a better job. Now, whenever we visit such places we are so interesting in taking pictures and preserving memories that, we forgot to see the place properly in the first place. Strange.. So, i was also like any other of that category of people and i started killing my camera and started to give poses in all possible poses one could ever imagine with a tomb in the backdrop. Well, i got to see that part which i kept that listening to from people and history textbooks. It was REALLY like the Taj Mahal and there was an inscription posted in one of the corners that proved it. We had a good time sizing up the place considering that it was one of the more less visited historical places back there in Delhi.
We then thought of moving to our final visit for the day, considering that we had a real long journey to make the next day to Agra. We thought of making a different kind of visit and moved in the direction of the biggest mosque in our country, the Jama Masjid. It took us into the more native parts of the old city, the well renowned, DELHI 6! As we got into the place we regretted our decision of going there. The traffic was so much, that the driver was never able to shift into third gear. Fourth and fifth gears were a dream at that hour. After tussling in the traffic for about one and half hours we reached the outside of the Masjid. The number of people inside the mosque made it another bad idea to actually go inside. So we just had a outside glance and made our way back to the hotel to enjoy a good nights sleep to brace ourselves for the long journey the next morning!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 1-- Vizag to Delhi(Plane journey!)

13th July 2009. I was very excited about this trip as it had been a long time since i went on a long holiday. The college too was getting too boring with the routine banter of the lecturers, bragging about stuff they didn't know too well themselves. As i went to catch my spicejet plane that would take me to Delhi, i was pleasantly surprised to see Vizag's new terminal. The old one which used to be dusty, full of mosquitoes, the terminal which used to sink whenever it rained, was replaced by a flash and sleek new terminal which was centrally air conditioned and beautifully decorated with attractive lights, colors and stuff. Unfortunately, i was late and didn't have much of a chance to explore the place. I hurried into the airport and checked in. It was not long before the bus took us near the plane. Now this was my second flight and my first one alone ( not that its a big deal :D). As i boarded the plane, i was really disappointed to see three air HOSTS instead of air HOSTESSES. :( Cursing my bad luck i took my seat in the middle with two uncles on either side (bad luck strikes yet again :(()! I politely requested window-seat uncle if i could sit near the window to which he answered me with a long lecture on how people should follow rules and regulations. I was in a really fine mood and hence, i did not retort. Approximately after six minutes, the emergency drill started and the HOST showed us how we could escape in case of an emergency. He was smiling and all cool about how easily things could be handled. I was left wondering what would happen in case of a real accident (god forbid!) I was thrilled to see the take off from whatever i could see the window partially blocked by uncles huge frame. After there was nothing left to see but clouds, the host came with water bottles which even a toddler could finish in two or three gulps. Then came the eateries. Sandwich(150 bucks) and stuff which i could buy on a roadside restaurant for approximately a quarter of the cost and approximately of the same quality. About thirty minutes into the journey, the air conditioning was working with full throttle. Even with a full hands shirt, i was shivering from head to toe. About an hour into the journey, there was a queue to the toilet which was about six rows in length. Everybody was agitated at the over cooled atmosphere in the plane but uncle, who after rejecting me a window seat was snoring away X(! Meanwhile i switched on my music player and started listening to some songs. I had no one to talk with, which sucked! I never felt the plane moving which made me feel as if it was just suspended in the air with a string. The never changing topography of the clouds around me didn't make things any better. One and half hours into the flight, we landed in Hyderabad. I finally got a chance to relieve myself when i found a particular moment when i found that the toilet was free. Phew! :) I decided not to drink the little mineral water bottle spicejet gave me. The next part of the journey was real irritating. It was maybe because i was not a regular air traveler, as uncle was still blissfully asleep. The plane started going up a little and and coming down a little. The captain thought it was due to the turbulence in the atmosphere. The continuous popping of my ears didn't make things any better. Finally after another hour i landed in delhi and i was relieved when i got out into the sunshine again. Now, Delhi's domestic terminal was one more awesome new terminal. It took me a few anxious minutes to find out the conveyor belt which churned out the luggage. Finally, i found my suitcase and made my way out to locate my uncle and brother, who flew in the previous night. The outside was filled with countless people who held placards. I managed to locate them after 10 minutes of hard searching. Finally, i landed in the taxi that took us to our hotel!

Delhi 6!

Well, the first proper post in my blog is going to be my recent trip to delhi and few more places around the north. If you are thinking that i am a regular traveler, let me tell you that you are absolutely wrong. I go out on trips only when one of uncles come form USA and sponsors my trip. In this case, i was going along with my uncle and my 15 year old cousin brother, who was born and brought up back there. The memories of this trip are still fresh in my mind as this happened just a few days ago. So, let me try to put on a good day by day summary of the places i visited and what i felt about going on a plane and what i felt about the things i saw there.

Woah.. This still exists... :O

Its recently that i've been exploring the internet and thinking what i've done in the six years that i have been using it. I found numerous google pages, photos and accounts in social sites that i created and even forgot. This blog i found, was one of them. It took me quite sometime to figure out what password i put. After numerous trails i figured out that the password was ***********. It was not that hard because i use a similar set of passwords in my native language so that the password strength thing could never say that my password was too weak. Three or four years ago, the blogging fever started and i also wanted a blog for myself. But i could never figure out what i could put inside it.But now i found out that even a normal person whose life is as monotonous as mine could be interesting as there are hundreds of people like me in this world who can connect themselves with me and my thoughts and thus sharing a similar set of experiences people keep coming across in their daily life. Coming to my daily life, i am an engineering graduate in a normal college, like many thousands of others in my country. Personally, i am a normal person with normal problems in my life and i enjoy normal pleasures like any other person of my age does. So, i wish this blog can act like a public dairy of mine, which is public.. ;)