Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lost in the night!

On this full moon night,
I sit in this abyss lit only with her silver light.

As I let my mind go blithe,
I reflect on the lessons my past thought me,
I evaluate the challenges the present puts before me,
I try to assess the challenges the future would present me.

I think of the people who made a difference to my life,
I think of the people who left my life.

As I try to garner and collate my thoughts,
I only realize that my reflections are a garbled mess.

I look up into her silver light,
Take in the cold air of the night,
Forget everything about my current plight.

I let the feeling wash over my head,
Wash away the labyrinth of thoughts swarming in my head.

I end up staring stupidly into the night,
Just another person lost in the abyss of the full moon night.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Meetings and memories..

Some great philosopher once said, “You are born alone, you meet a lot of people as you grow older and finally you leave the world as alone as you’ve come.”
It’s strange how people come into your life, make an irreversible mark in your heart, make you go through a labyrinth of feelings that leave you dazed and amazed.Finally, they leave as suddenly as they come.

Time does strange things to relationships. Their beginnings are much unexpected. You bump into a complete stranger who never had any previous influence on your mind and life. Curiosity in some form drives you to them and you start developing a bond with them.

Every relationship starts off pretty much on the same foot. A little bit of inhibition, a little bit of apprehension and a little bit of formality and a high dose of good manners. As it starts to build, inhibitions are shed off, apprehensions are forgotten and the doses of good manners are replaced by jokes and backslapping. You become so emotionally attached to the person that life would seem bleak and lonely without a day’s meeting and the share of smiles. You believe that the other person feels the same about you and you believe in it.

As easy as it is to build a relationship, one small incident is all that it takes to reverse the entire process of building it. It makes you wonder,

“Is it the same person I knew a few years before?”

“Where has all the magic gone?”

“Where were those smiles that we shared and all the wonderful feelings that we felt?”

Then comes an awkward phase where the people accuse each other for spoiling a wonderful past that cannot be recreated. They get so busy analyzing what they had lost that they forget what they have to look forward to. They dig in so deep that they forget that there can be a path which can lead them back to that previous wonderland where they were blissfully happy.

When, at last they realize that there was a way that they hadn’t discovered, they realize that it was too late. By then their paths have forked and taken turns which would never make them meet ever again. Again, it leaves you wondering, is everything ephemeral in this human lifetime?