Saturday, August 4, 2007


Hi all friends,
This is my first story,which got published in a magazine called GOKULAM.I wish all of you read it and give me your feedback


YEAR 3050


It is 15th August year 3050. My name is Rohan a 10 year old boy living in India.

The Day is very special to me as the people of my town are vacating the earth as it became too conjusted to live there was no space left on the earth so we started moving to ours newly built houses ready on the moon. We were scheduled to leave at 10.30 AM so my Father, mother, and me had the last look at our town and with a heavy heart we started to the space station. 10 huge Rockets were stationed far apart from each other at the space station and the checking counters were loaded with people who came with their tickets ready to leave from earth.

There was a lot noise all around.There was an announcement for the kids to stay with their parents as they could be lost. The whole scene looked like a “MELA” (Fair)about which we read in our history CD Roms.

Meanwhile we got some time to see the nearby Museum. There I saw somethings which I have never seen before, the specimens of a Frog, Snake, Parrot, and also a Mango.The Curator of the museum said that Mango was the most famous fruit of India in the past.The term “FRUIT” is new to me as I was Just learning about it. I also saw a plant, leaves of a Touch me Not. Then I saw the most interesting part of the Museum “WATER”. It looked so nice all clear just like the Chemical which we drank to quench our thirst.

Soon after we hurried to the Space Station and got into our Rocket “BANYAN FOUR” as told by my father this was also a Tree which grew in the Village of his great grand fathers.We were provided with Oxygen masks little different from the ones which we used at home.We were also given special suits.Our Cabin was a A Class VIP one which we got as my father is the Chief Scientist of Born Oxygen Limited who was appointed to run branch of the same company on the moon.

Then our Rocket got ready for Launch. The countdown began and after a few minutes there was huge sound and with the sound our Rocket took off along with others.As we were on the journey I asked my father “ what if the moon also becomes too populated to live in?”, I waited for an answer and I am still waiting for it…………..


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Adi said...

What's this guy doing in here..
When he should be Scribbling Parchments alongside J.K. Rowling...
That was a nice tale though..
A likely Possibility with an Out of Earth, Extra Terrestrial experience.
We're looking forward for more of your Arts..
Sri Harsha-:

varsha said...

Hey nice story :)

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I wonder why I can't see full text in your RSS feed, do you allow full articles?
DId anyone see Inception. It blew my mind right off… I think I'm still missing a few screws. What a great movie.
Hey, can I get in touch with you via email? You seem to be experienced in this topic.
I just saw my comments being removed from some sites. I mean no harm, I'm just… sporadic.

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