Monday, July 20, 2009

Woah.. This still exists... :O

Its recently that i've been exploring the internet and thinking what i've done in the six years that i have been using it. I found numerous google pages, photos and accounts in social sites that i created and even forgot. This blog i found, was one of them. It took me quite sometime to figure out what password i put. After numerous trails i figured out that the password was ***********. It was not that hard because i use a similar set of passwords in my native language so that the password strength thing could never say that my password was too weak. Three or four years ago, the blogging fever started and i also wanted a blog for myself. But i could never figure out what i could put inside it.But now i found out that even a normal person whose life is as monotonous as mine could be interesting as there are hundreds of people like me in this world who can connect themselves with me and my thoughts and thus sharing a similar set of experiences people keep coming across in their daily life. Coming to my daily life, i am an engineering graduate in a normal college, like many thousands of others in my country. Personally, i am a normal person with normal problems in my life and i enjoy normal pleasures like any other person of my age does. So, i wish this blog can act like a public dairy of mine, which is public.. ;)

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