Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The all new Lingo!

It was one day in one of the boring classes that I was sitting absent mindedly, doodling some design in my notebook. The lecturer was ranting on about something which didn't seem to interest me. It was then, that I got an idea. Let's see how these words look when they are written the way they are pronounced. I started jotting down words from random conversations that I came across. The "spelling" is exactly the way its "S-P-E-L-T" :)
Resultant: Rejaltant
Anti Clockwise: Yanti clack wije
Example: Ejjample
Only: Vonly
Soory: Saaree
Listen: Lijan
Rock: Raak
Enjoy: Njay
Come on!: Cam An!
Instead: Yinastead
Torque: Taarq

I've also observed that colleges of a specific region have their own way of saying things. These are some of the phrases that we commonly use in our college.

If someone did something that made you feel bad: You say, "Hurt!"

If you did something that put you in a dangerous situation: "What a Pity!"

In case you became the laughing stock of the class: You are a, "Flower"

In case you got angry over something trifle, people will say, "Lite teesko"

In case you need to curse something that happened, You say, "Damn pitiful roses!" X(

These are just some of the few phrases that we use. There is a lot more slang terminology to college. The coolest thing about this lingo is that, once you start hearing these words around you, you can't help but using them yourself. Doesn't matter even if you were an American or an African, you will do nothing but fall for the charm of the Desi English Lingo. ;) So better don't become a "flower" and start njaaying talking the Desi tongue in case you are new to professional colleges. Otherwise you'll have to experience "Self-Pity" later on. Oh, that is feeling bad for yourself. :)
Keep raaking!

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