Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 3 -- The streets, the shopping!

It was early evening that I woke up from the nightmarish ride that took the crap out of me. I was feeling better and refreshed. I was ready to go out and explore the city. But then my uncle and bro were still knocked out. So I got myself into the best clothes I could find ;) and went out. Now, I should tell you about this place called Karol Bagh where our hotel was located. The place is a huge shopping area. One of the most biggest and one of the most popular ones in Delhi. The whole place is like a huge 'H' with innumerable horizontal lines between the two highways on either side. I got to the end of the lane in which our hotel was situated. After reassuring myself that I remembered every possible landmark for the lane, I set out but still careful about not losing my way. It was a Thursday evening, and there were many enthusiastic shoppers moving about the streets. There were food joints in every other corner. But I decided to follow a pattern in the turns I took. So then, i took the fourth parallel road after the one with my hotel. This street was filled with shops selling all kinds of stuff one could think of. Clothes, Jewelery, Crockery, Pen Drives, Sweets, Flowers and some more stuff that i shouldn't really mention here ;) It was then that i spotted this mall called Vishal. Since I one of my objectives of this mission was to by some god clothes, I entered the mall. Man, the clothes were cheap in Delhi. They were cheap along with being very fashionable. I lost myself in the world of fabrics for about two hours. It was after I finished my shopping that I remembered that I had to pick some stuff for my sister also. I went back to the mall and went to the first floor that had girls clothes. I was distraught seeing the huge sea of colors in front of me. There were all possible forms of clothes that girls could wear maybe, without becoming models or something. So, I was just staring around stupidly, when I decided for help. I spotted this female who looked about the same height and dimensions as my sister to help me. Her name was Shruti. It was my first time talking with a Delhi female. She was extremely good looking with long black straightened hair with the inevitable highlights of dark brown scattered here and there. She was thin for sure. But then i thought she was too thin with too much of diet control. She was dressed in a blue jeans and a white shirt. She reminded me of one of those female reporters that we keep seeing on NDTV or CNN IBN. She was very helpful and helped me pick some good clothes for my sister. She told me about her university which was Delhi University where she was doing economics. We exchanged views on education here and where I live. After fifteen minutes, we shook hands and wished each other luck. Hands loaded with shopping bags I was searching for a place to fill my belly as I was famished with all that shopping and talking. I found this food joint ( I don't really remember the name..) I had a roll and a dahi puri. It was fundoo I must say. After some more street shopping, I went back to the hotel enjoying myself with the busy streets and the buzzing activity all around. My uncle and bro were still asleep by the time I went back. The time was like 8 PM or something. They managed to drag themselves out of the bed and we went out to have some food in McDonald's where I ate for the first time. We then did some more shopping for my bro and reached back to the hotel, thoroughly satisfied with what I did and what i saw ;)

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