Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 5-- History and Adios!

We had little time the last day as we had to catch our plane back in the afternoon. We could visit one place in the morning as my bro was all fine by then. My uncle wanted to visit one place and it was National Museum, the biggest museum in India which has a range of artifacts spanning the Harrappa's to the art of the 20th century Indian kingdoms. We reached there at 9.00 AM half and hour before the opening time of the place. We didn't have time to be bored. The outside of the museum had various idols of gods depicted by different kings of different times. Some were more than 400 years old but they still held the sharpness of the features they were supposed to hold when they were actually made. I made this interesting observation that, none of the idols of Vishnu, Shiva or Rama had these six pack bodies. All of them were slenderly built which gave them a not-so-powerful look. As I was still wondering why, we entered the museum. The building was like a circle with innumerable galleries on each floor. The Harappan section was the most fascinating one. It took us to the first human civilization in our country.
I was seriously in a doubt if I wanted to just enjoy the artifacts or if i had to click pictures. I choose to do both ;) After exploring the Harappan civilization for a while we went through random art sections where, there was so much to see that we were purely lost and enjoying whatever came our way.
We saw random things like a South Indian Garuda statue, a scene of a British war, the origins of the Indian navy,
various swords and shields used by the various kingdoms etc. . All in all it was a fun visit, with lots of photographs. We then reached Delhi's domestic terminal.

This airport was easily the best terminal i've ever seen(considering that i've seen only our Vizag airport :P)

The place was clean and well maintained. I got the chance to access wi-fi on my bro's sleek itouch which was a real treat for me. Then we proceeded for check in where we had a problem. I was carrying a bottle of water from the Ganga, which I wanted to give to my grandmom back at my place. The security officer was in a fix, torn between security concern and sentiment. The water itself looked brown with the dirt from the river. He consulted his senior who said that he'd allow the water only if we tasted it to prove that it didn't contain any toxic like stuff. My uncle looked tensed and my bro, oh well, he just recovered from a bout of amebiosis. I took the water and took a sip. For a second I controlled the urge to acting as if I fainted from the water ;) anyways, the security person was satisfied and let us through. We had lunch on one of the Pizza Hut outlets. I got back in touch with my e-world using the wi-fi I had at my disposal. Soon it was time for boarding. The trip had been a good one and I had no complaints whatsoever! Good Bye Delhi! I wish to see you more in the future :)


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Sri Harsha said...

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