Sunday, September 20, 2009


Each of my friends makes his royal entry into the class after I finish my routine. First comes, Chandramouli Daga, a.k.a Mouli (Future movie director, Automobile designer and movie researcher) he is lots of other things but these are the main qualities which I’d mention now. His entry is justified by an account of some movie that he’d seen the previous night. I pity myself, almost every time that I’ve never heard of the movies he talks about. Then it’s Dheeraj, a.k.a Dheeru (Noted dancer, Academician and the future of vibration making and analysis.) We greet each other in our customary language “Phononggg!!”(Confused to be insane by others ;) ). Next comes Pradyumna, a.k.a. Prady (Noted academician, Class topper, Writer, management specialist and love guru) more on this guy later. His entry is marked by the customary glance which suggests that he has some INTERESTING MATTER which would be shared as the day moves on. Next comes Pradeep a.k.a Topper or tops (Noted academician, avid lover of anything connected to Animax or Discovery, animal lover (Prady, don’t giggle!) and well-know conversation interpreter.) his entry is marked by an exchange of statements between him and Pradyumna (Later!). Next comes Abhishek a.k.a Abhi (Secretary, Noted human resource manager and poet) more on his poems and poetic moods later. His entry is signified by the expression of his feeling about the matter Prady referred to. After a few minutes, Dheeraj is ready for our early morning college tour. We take a suitable route through the campus which would give us the necessary stretching before the next few hours of classes. We come back to the class just a few minutes before the classes start.
Next, I should tell you about our seating arrangement. We sit in the row to the right of the three rows of benches in our class. Prady and Abhi take the third bench, with Prady always in the corner towards the window. His place of sitting signifies some of the troubles he faces everyday ;) more on that later. In the next bench it’s Pradeep, Dheeraj, Me and Mouli. Mouli sits towards the window directly behind Prady. (Why did I mention this?)
As I told you, we make one really hilarious gang. We do different kinds of activities during classes which are governed by factors like, evil coefficient of the lecturer, nature of the class and nature of the subject. Mostly, the most important factor which over powers all these factors is our mood at that particular point of time.
In my following posts, I’ll tell you people what we usually do in a particular class. Till then keep raaaking and njaaayyy!! I hope that this MATTER find post didn’t SET your mind! I hope you found this “Excellent, fantastic, and bombastic!” Aina “ento” emotion lo ededo type chesesa.. “Ardham kale!” :(( What a pity!

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