Friday, September 25, 2009

It's about how we talk!

What I'm gonna show you now is gonna be interesting. I'm sure most of you people can connect with this. Alright, I'm gonna show how a normal conversation between a guy and a girl on a chat service like Yahoo! starts and proceeds. I'm not sure if this will be exact pattern, but from what I've known it's mostly the same for anyone in India I'm pretty sure.
So.. Why wait.. Let's Log in!

Male: hey (Trying not to show his excitement too much!)

Female: heyyyy!!!! (Trying to show how much she wants to talk!)

Male: whats up? (The standard soup before dinner! :P)

Female: nm.. jus chattin.. wat abt you? (In case you're familiar with chat& girl lingo, nm stands for nothing much. Like it isn't obvious that you are chatting!)

Male: oh! me.. not much either (What do you think stupid.. I came online to talk with you!)

In the meanwhile girl tries to figure out a proper reply. But the male is anxious to get the conversation moving.

Female: kkkkk... wat else? (Wait! Have you said anything at all?)*duh*

Male: whats up in college? (The best line one can come up with in a boring situation)

Female: hmmmm.... (As if she's gonna tell you what she and her friends were talking in college! ;) ) nm.. da same routine! (Never seen a girl who types full words! :( )
wat abt u? (But then, she expects you to say something significant and interesting!)

Male: (Calculating the safest topic possible, never figures out anything it's either a total guy thing that comes to his mind, or something to do with another girl, which is not to be mentioned at this point of time! *safety first*) nothing much with me as well.. college sucks.. (But why!?!)

Female: ya (Disappointed because he didn't say anything interesting! ;) )

Male: (Realizing that she may get bored soon) saw any new movies?

Female: yeahhhh i saw maghadheera todayyy!!!(Extra letter signify more excitement and vigor! Not to mention the !!!!'s)

Male: (Visualizing the female lead...) yeah.. i saw it first day morning show (Of course, he'd bunk college for that!) charan rocks.. kajal was too good le..!

Female: yeahhh (Imagining the hero) charan was fab!!!! 2 gud!!

Male: (Best time pass topic over, now to get down to serious business) you were looking very good today in your white dress (Yeah sure dude!)

Female: (She is flattered, obviously! What do you expect?) reallllyyyyy??? (She wants you to compliment her again! :P)

Male: (Recognizes the need to repeat himself) yeah! seriously.. ("Seriously" was to add extra effect!)

Female: (satisfied) thanx!

Male: so what are your plans for the weekend? (Move one! Made now, since the girl is all mellow at the moment.)

Female: (The female antenna senses something coming. She is cautious now.) nm y? (screw the grammar, damn the sentence. Just tell me the idea.)

Male: (The moments here, his hand shivers a bit as he types. His mind is racing as he thinks about the best way to spill out his plan in the most pleasing way.) i was wondering if you could join me for a movie on sunday (You could've done it better, bro! But that's all he manages!)

Before I tell you how the female responds, I must tell you two alternate ends to this conversation.

ENDING A.. The girl is really interested and likes the guy
Female: umm.. i guess i cn.. i ll tell u 2moro (She likes to keep it skeptical, wouldn't want to ruin it by making herself too obvious! :P)
Male: (Sensing that the worst part is over) ok fine.. hey dad is calling me.. got to go.. (Mission accomplished. No more time to waste any more. Need to catch up with the cricket match)
Female: (Satisfied that he asked) yea.. i gotta go too! (What the hell, she is busy as well)
Male: bye
(Good Night, Sweet Dreams)
Female: byeeee

ENDING B Girl has something better on mind. She is not at all interested.
Female: owwww.. i m chooooo cholly i ve to go out wid mom to sum weddin.. maybe sum oder day (How sweet! She just wants to make sure that there will always be a next time)
Male: (Already asking the next on his list) too bad.. fine then see u.. (No point in wasting time in a "not- interested girl")
Female: byeee
sd (The male has already logged out by then!)

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