Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wake up Sid!

“I know you are aware, it’s another damn day, today I’ll see you on the flipside”
Just as the line from a song by the band flipside suggests, it’s another day in my life that has started. I wake up from my corner bed. Looking like a gory villain from some cheap horror movie with red eyes and my hair in a total mess. It always begins with the same thought. “Man, could’ve slept a bit more.” Nevertheless, it’s started and it will get on. First thing I do, say hello to my computer. I switch on the monitor to ensure that the movie is safely downloading. I satisfy me that the connection speed is good and me more into the main hall. The scene there is also pretty much the same every day. My grandfather sitting in one corner sofa, blissfully sipping his coffee and immersed in the things going on in the country as reported by The Hindu. He tries not to get distracted by my sister who is almost, due to some reason, late to college. My mom keeps running around the house serving coffee, getting my sister ready and simultaneously cooking food for my lunch. Man, mom’s have wheels under their legs.
I consider if I should brush my teeth and then go for exercise or if I should exercise and brush my teeth. That is a dilemma which I never feel that I should feel. But it’s something that I end up feeling everyday (hope you don’t consider me insane ;) ) Next, I either brush or go upstairs to the set of three spare rooms’ upstairs where I hang out most of the time. I switch on my music system and connect my MP3 player. The familiar voices of Linkin’ Park screaming his guts out or the seducing voice of Britney Spears or the classical tones of Coldplay fill the room. I finish my quick exercise routine, which usually takes about half an hour. I rush downstairs to make sure that I’m on time for bath. Usually, I’m 5 to 10 minutes late of schedule.
Bath is a wonderful experience which washes down the grogginess of the previous night and the sweat of the past hour. I feel like a new human being after finishing my under-enjoyed shower. I offer a quick hello to god, who never has more than a minute or two in my very busy life ;) Dressing, breakfast and shutting down the computer. All these activities are take care of in the next fifteen minutes.
I grab an auto and rush to the bus stop. The auto journey is always preceded by five tense minutes, in which I always fear that I wouldn’t make it to the bus stop on time. Well, most of the time my tension is relieved when I see my friend Murthy in the sea of people in the bus stop. His presence gives me that assurance that I’ve made t on time. Congratulations!  My brief conversation with Murthy always begins with a curse to the sun god, for setting our heads and bodies on fire with the terrific heat. We face away from the sun rays trying to avoid the heat as much as we can. But we only succeed in producing huge harvests of sweat that take away the goodness of the morning’s bath. The buss arrives sometimes very soon, sometimes late. It’s as unpredictable as time itself, the time at which it comes (?)
The bus journey always means only one thing to me. Recovering the sleep time lost the previous night. I pull out my TUNGSTEN palmtop, open REAL PLAYER switch it to shuffle, and pop in my I RIVER headphones (after all we are Indians and we don’t give a damn about proper company combination's). Next, I listen to songs which I never paid a penny for. Downloaded from some blog or sharing sites. I drift into sleep somewhere around the second stanza of the third song (Note: - Distances in bus journey are measured in terms of songs durations.)
I wake up one turning prior to the entry of the college. The distance from here is about two full songs lasting five minutes each. (See what I mean?) The bus stops in the standard parking lot for buses and I get down after all the faculty and the females, who account for a huge chunk of population in our bus, get down. I stretch my cramped spine and get down. Taking in the tremendous heat of the sun, which happens to be more intense in our college (Duh!) I try to get over the pain of sitting with my legs folded with a quick walk from the bus stop to my department. I am obstructed from achieving my objective by groups of girls walking in front of me. Don’t know why but they always remind me of a herd of elephants. I cut across them till I find my own, free path to walk upon (too strong, eh?) My legs automatically take me to my class and my mouth gives out a programmed good morning to any faculty I encounter en route. I then reach class which is almost empty for a few people by the time I reach. I unburden myself of the weight on my shoulders and refresh myself in the toilet. I come back and sit under the fan for a while. This completes the traveling part of my road to college. :)

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