Thursday, October 29, 2009

The postive and the negative!

If you believe that there is a positive energy that exists in the form of god, you acknowledge it and appreciate it only when there is a negative energy.

I was watching a show on Discovery Channel a few minutes back. It was an episode of a series called The Haunting. The particular episode takes place in a horse ranch situated in a sub urban locality somewhere in the US. The show showed the struggle of a women fighting against the presence of a negative force in the place where she did her horse breeding business.

The cool thing about the show was that, the so called ghosts were portrayed as negative energy, not as ghosts with super natural powers that could break houses or levitate objects at will. I always believed that, the soul which resides inside a human body is a positive energy that keeps us moving. It’s the driving force for our life. When the body disintegrates and dies, the spirit moves on to find itself another body. When this doesn’t happen, the spirit gets trapped and bodiless and becomes a negative energy.

Why this happens? After watching lots of documentaries, movies and after attending few lectures on spirituality, I’ve understood that the trauma of a life leaves an impact on the never dying spirit which prevents it from moving onto the next life. This results in a negative presence that unleashes itself on whatever comes across its way in the place where it gets stuck.

The major objective of any religion having a set of ethical rules is to keep the spirit clean and to help it move on from one life to another without any disturbance. When one fears a higher presence, they flinch when they commit a mistake. They fear that they may get punished by the higher force that controls them.
Many say that science, which is a practical tool, doesn’t agree with all this theory of negative presence. But why not, when it is practical that happiness, joy and togetherness brings peace and positive energy; sadness, anger and torture bring in negative energy. Newton’s 3rd law ;)

Well, so finally only light can destroy darkness and only positive energy can defeat negative energy. So, believe in everything. Nothing in this world is impossible. There is the god and then there is a devil. But ultimately, god only prevails.
The day kills the night. Everytime.


Adi said...

Spirits undeparted do exist oh yes..
But supposedly we got messengers.. a.k.a. angels a.k.a heavenly ones like Narada muni who actually ferry the souls as such to the respective place they ought to be to..
So no tension..
When in Super natural Despair.. Yell out for him... And you'll be a happy goose..

Sri Harsha said...
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Sri Harsha said...

That was a useful bit of information Adi. Thanks for sharing it with us. That'd make us feel all the better :)

upanish said...

Below is the link to what happens to the soul after death by Late Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh.Very authentic reference.

All living beings are energy containers( batteries). The energy is nothing but like electrical/heat. that is the reason you can revive the heart with elctrical shock. The second thing is Mass. we are all compsed of earthly material. It is true that energy can only change forms and as well as mass. The third aspect is what happens when the energy and mass work together 'Life force'.
whole universe and differnt beings that exist are nothing but manifestation of the above three.
Knowing that our real nature is THAT ( Existence as mass & energy-SAT+ in a universal consciousness CHIT+ leads to permanence with Pleasure ANADA)is the secret.
SO SAT-CHIT-ANADA swarupam is god and that is every beings nature.

read the sivananda article