Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 1-- Vizag to Delhi(Plane journey!)

13th July 2009. I was very excited about this trip as it had been a long time since i went on a long holiday. The college too was getting too boring with the routine banter of the lecturers, bragging about stuff they didn't know too well themselves. As i went to catch my spicejet plane that would take me to Delhi, i was pleasantly surprised to see Vizag's new terminal. The old one which used to be dusty, full of mosquitoes, the terminal which used to sink whenever it rained, was replaced by a flash and sleek new terminal which was centrally air conditioned and beautifully decorated with attractive lights, colors and stuff. Unfortunately, i was late and didn't have much of a chance to explore the place. I hurried into the airport and checked in. It was not long before the bus took us near the plane. Now this was my second flight and my first one alone ( not that its a big deal :D). As i boarded the plane, i was really disappointed to see three air HOSTS instead of air HOSTESSES. :( Cursing my bad luck i took my seat in the middle with two uncles on either side (bad luck strikes yet again :(()! I politely requested window-seat uncle if i could sit near the window to which he answered me with a long lecture on how people should follow rules and regulations. I was in a really fine mood and hence, i did not retort. Approximately after six minutes, the emergency drill started and the HOST showed us how we could escape in case of an emergency. He was smiling and all cool about how easily things could be handled. I was left wondering what would happen in case of a real accident (god forbid!) I was thrilled to see the take off from whatever i could see the window partially blocked by uncles huge frame. After there was nothing left to see but clouds, the host came with water bottles which even a toddler could finish in two or three gulps. Then came the eateries. Sandwich(150 bucks) and stuff which i could buy on a roadside restaurant for approximately a quarter of the cost and approximately of the same quality. About thirty minutes into the journey, the air conditioning was working with full throttle. Even with a full hands shirt, i was shivering from head to toe. About an hour into the journey, there was a queue to the toilet which was about six rows in length. Everybody was agitated at the over cooled atmosphere in the plane but uncle, who after rejecting me a window seat was snoring away X(! Meanwhile i switched on my music player and started listening to some songs. I had no one to talk with, which sucked! I never felt the plane moving which made me feel as if it was just suspended in the air with a string. The never changing topography of the clouds around me didn't make things any better. One and half hours into the flight, we landed in Hyderabad. I finally got a chance to relieve myself when i found a particular moment when i found that the toilet was free. Phew! :) I decided not to drink the little mineral water bottle spicejet gave me. The next part of the journey was real irritating. It was maybe because i was not a regular air traveler, as uncle was still blissfully asleep. The plane started going up a little and and coming down a little. The captain thought it was due to the turbulence in the atmosphere. The continuous popping of my ears didn't make things any better. Finally after another hour i landed in delhi and i was relieved when i got out into the sunshine again. Now, Delhi's domestic terminal was one more awesome new terminal. It took me a few anxious minutes to find out the conveyor belt which churned out the luggage. Finally, i found my suitcase and made my way out to locate my uncle and brother, who flew in the previous night. The outside was filled with countless people who held placards. I managed to locate them after 10 minutes of hard searching. Finally, i landed in the taxi that took us to our hotel!

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