Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wishes for a wonderful person

Life is a wonderful journey. You meet people, you make friends, you share some memorable moments with them, at some point of time you part with them and then slowly you lose touch with them. But some people create an impact on your life. They become such an integral part that, when you lose touch with them, life appears to be like a jigsaw puzzle with one vital center piece missing. Today, this post is dedicated to one such person, who will stay in my heart forever.

Three years back when I saw her for the first time, my impressions were negative. She looked to me like a haughty and arrogant girl who assumed too much about herself. It was by mere chance that I started taking to Rishita Allika. We were in the bus and we just shared an opinion about a topic. There began a friendship that would eventually change my opinion about her, and in addition gave me a wonderful friend, a sister, with whom, though not related by blood I share the same warmth and affection.

The thing about this girl is that, you need to know her before you can start noticing her good qualities. I can never forget how she wrote all my notes for two weeks in the third semester when I was suffering with chicken pox. I owe her my mid marks in Probability, which she very patiently thought me. One thing that I can never put in proper words is the emotional support she gave me in tough times.

One more thing that you can’t help but find amusing are her gestures and facial expressions. Narrate a story with creepy houses and emaciated old women; you will be surprised with her reaction. You may eve muse to yourself, “Now, was it really that scary?” Give her a reason to get excited, you’ll find the voices of the others disappearing into the background. Her opinions about people and her ideas are always interesting to know. :)

Chellemma, you are a very special person. For all the J bus journeys, for all the telephone conversations, for all the yahoo chit chatting, for the meetings, for all the joys that we shared and for all the sorrows that we shared, I love you and I can never forget you forever.

On your 20th birthday, I wish you have a wonderful birthday and more wonderful moments to come in your life. I wish you cut a hundred cakes made of everlasting happiness topped with everlasting health and wealth with a candle of success that cannot be extinguished by wind or by time.

Lots of love,
Harsha :)