Friday, September 25, 2009

It's about how we talk!

What I'm gonna show you now is gonna be interesting. I'm sure most of you people can connect with this. Alright, I'm gonna show how a normal conversation between a guy and a girl on a chat service like Yahoo! starts and proceeds. I'm not sure if this will be exact pattern, but from what I've known it's mostly the same for anyone in India I'm pretty sure.
So.. Why wait.. Let's Log in!

Male: hey (Trying not to show his excitement too much!)

Female: heyyyy!!!! (Trying to show how much she wants to talk!)

Male: whats up? (The standard soup before dinner! :P)

Female: nm.. jus chattin.. wat abt you? (In case you're familiar with chat& girl lingo, nm stands for nothing much. Like it isn't obvious that you are chatting!)

Male: oh! me.. not much either (What do you think stupid.. I came online to talk with you!)

In the meanwhile girl tries to figure out a proper reply. But the male is anxious to get the conversation moving.

Female: kkkkk... wat else? (Wait! Have you said anything at all?)*duh*

Male: whats up in college? (The best line one can come up with in a boring situation)

Female: hmmmm.... (As if she's gonna tell you what she and her friends were talking in college! ;) ) nm.. da same routine! (Never seen a girl who types full words! :( )
wat abt u? (But then, she expects you to say something significant and interesting!)

Male: (Calculating the safest topic possible, never figures out anything it's either a total guy thing that comes to his mind, or something to do with another girl, which is not to be mentioned at this point of time! *safety first*) nothing much with me as well.. college sucks.. (But why!?!)

Female: ya (Disappointed because he didn't say anything interesting! ;) )

Male: (Realizing that she may get bored soon) saw any new movies?

Female: yeahhhh i saw maghadheera todayyy!!!(Extra letter signify more excitement and vigor! Not to mention the !!!!'s)

Male: (Visualizing the female lead...) yeah.. i saw it first day morning show (Of course, he'd bunk college for that!) charan rocks.. kajal was too good le..!

Female: yeahhh (Imagining the hero) charan was fab!!!! 2 gud!!

Male: (Best time pass topic over, now to get down to serious business) you were looking very good today in your white dress (Yeah sure dude!)

Female: (She is flattered, obviously! What do you expect?) reallllyyyyy??? (She wants you to compliment her again! :P)

Male: (Recognizes the need to repeat himself) yeah! seriously.. ("Seriously" was to add extra effect!)

Female: (satisfied) thanx!

Male: so what are your plans for the weekend? (Move one! Made now, since the girl is all mellow at the moment.)

Female: (The female antenna senses something coming. She is cautious now.) nm y? (screw the grammar, damn the sentence. Just tell me the idea.)

Male: (The moments here, his hand shivers a bit as he types. His mind is racing as he thinks about the best way to spill out his plan in the most pleasing way.) i was wondering if you could join me for a movie on sunday (You could've done it better, bro! But that's all he manages!)

Before I tell you how the female responds, I must tell you two alternate ends to this conversation.

ENDING A.. The girl is really interested and likes the guy
Female: umm.. i guess i cn.. i ll tell u 2moro (She likes to keep it skeptical, wouldn't want to ruin it by making herself too obvious! :P)
Male: (Sensing that the worst part is over) ok fine.. hey dad is calling me.. got to go.. (Mission accomplished. No more time to waste any more. Need to catch up with the cricket match)
Female: (Satisfied that he asked) yea.. i gotta go too! (What the hell, she is busy as well)
Male: bye
(Good Night, Sweet Dreams)
Female: byeeee

ENDING B Girl has something better on mind. She is not at all interested.
Female: owwww.. i m chooooo cholly i ve to go out wid mom to sum weddin.. maybe sum oder day (How sweet! She just wants to make sure that there will always be a next time)
Male: (Already asking the next on his list) too bad.. fine then see u.. (No point in wasting time in a "not- interested girl")
Female: byeee
sd (The male has already logged out by then!)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The all new Lingo!

It was one day in one of the boring classes that I was sitting absent mindedly, doodling some design in my notebook. The lecturer was ranting on about something which didn't seem to interest me. It was then, that I got an idea. Let's see how these words look when they are written the way they are pronounced. I started jotting down words from random conversations that I came across. The "spelling" is exactly the way its "S-P-E-L-T" :)
Resultant: Rejaltant
Anti Clockwise: Yanti clack wije
Example: Ejjample
Only: Vonly
Soory: Saaree
Listen: Lijan
Rock: Raak
Enjoy: Njay
Come on!: Cam An!
Instead: Yinastead
Torque: Taarq

I've also observed that colleges of a specific region have their own way of saying things. These are some of the phrases that we commonly use in our college.

If someone did something that made you feel bad: You say, "Hurt!"

If you did something that put you in a dangerous situation: "What a Pity!"

In case you became the laughing stock of the class: You are a, "Flower"

In case you got angry over something trifle, people will say, "Lite teesko"

In case you need to curse something that happened, You say, "Damn pitiful roses!" X(

These are just some of the few phrases that we use. There is a lot more slang terminology to college. The coolest thing about this lingo is that, once you start hearing these words around you, you can't help but using them yourself. Doesn't matter even if you were an American or an African, you will do nothing but fall for the charm of the Desi English Lingo. ;) So better don't become a "flower" and start njaaying talking the Desi tongue in case you are new to professional colleges. Otherwise you'll have to experience "Self-Pity" later on. Oh, that is feeling bad for yourself. :)
Keep raaking!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Each of my friends makes his royal entry into the class after I finish my routine. First comes, Chandramouli Daga, a.k.a Mouli (Future movie director, Automobile designer and movie researcher) he is lots of other things but these are the main qualities which I’d mention now. His entry is justified by an account of some movie that he’d seen the previous night. I pity myself, almost every time that I’ve never heard of the movies he talks about. Then it’s Dheeraj, a.k.a Dheeru (Noted dancer, Academician and the future of vibration making and analysis.) We greet each other in our customary language “Phononggg!!”(Confused to be insane by others ;) ). Next comes Pradyumna, a.k.a. Prady (Noted academician, Class topper, Writer, management specialist and love guru) more on this guy later. His entry is marked by the customary glance which suggests that he has some INTERESTING MATTER which would be shared as the day moves on. Next comes Pradeep a.k.a Topper or tops (Noted academician, avid lover of anything connected to Animax or Discovery, animal lover (Prady, don’t giggle!) and well-know conversation interpreter.) his entry is marked by an exchange of statements between him and Pradyumna (Later!). Next comes Abhishek a.k.a Abhi (Secretary, Noted human resource manager and poet) more on his poems and poetic moods later. His entry is signified by the expression of his feeling about the matter Prady referred to. After a few minutes, Dheeraj is ready for our early morning college tour. We take a suitable route through the campus which would give us the necessary stretching before the next few hours of classes. We come back to the class just a few minutes before the classes start.
Next, I should tell you about our seating arrangement. We sit in the row to the right of the three rows of benches in our class. Prady and Abhi take the third bench, with Prady always in the corner towards the window. His place of sitting signifies some of the troubles he faces everyday ;) more on that later. In the next bench it’s Pradeep, Dheeraj, Me and Mouli. Mouli sits towards the window directly behind Prady. (Why did I mention this?)
As I told you, we make one really hilarious gang. We do different kinds of activities during classes which are governed by factors like, evil coefficient of the lecturer, nature of the class and nature of the subject. Mostly, the most important factor which over powers all these factors is our mood at that particular point of time.
In my following posts, I’ll tell you people what we usually do in a particular class. Till then keep raaaking and njaaayyy!! I hope that this MATTER find post didn’t SET your mind! I hope you found this “Excellent, fantastic, and bombastic!” Aina “ento” emotion lo ededo type chesesa.. “Ardham kale!” :(( What a pity!

Wake up Sid!

“I know you are aware, it’s another damn day, today I’ll see you on the flipside”
Just as the line from a song by the band flipside suggests, it’s another day in my life that has started. I wake up from my corner bed. Looking like a gory villain from some cheap horror movie with red eyes and my hair in a total mess. It always begins with the same thought. “Man, could’ve slept a bit more.” Nevertheless, it’s started and it will get on. First thing I do, say hello to my computer. I switch on the monitor to ensure that the movie is safely downloading. I satisfy me that the connection speed is good and me more into the main hall. The scene there is also pretty much the same every day. My grandfather sitting in one corner sofa, blissfully sipping his coffee and immersed in the things going on in the country as reported by The Hindu. He tries not to get distracted by my sister who is almost, due to some reason, late to college. My mom keeps running around the house serving coffee, getting my sister ready and simultaneously cooking food for my lunch. Man, mom’s have wheels under their legs.
I consider if I should brush my teeth and then go for exercise or if I should exercise and brush my teeth. That is a dilemma which I never feel that I should feel. But it’s something that I end up feeling everyday (hope you don’t consider me insane ;) ) Next, I either brush or go upstairs to the set of three spare rooms’ upstairs where I hang out most of the time. I switch on my music system and connect my MP3 player. The familiar voices of Linkin’ Park screaming his guts out or the seducing voice of Britney Spears or the classical tones of Coldplay fill the room. I finish my quick exercise routine, which usually takes about half an hour. I rush downstairs to make sure that I’m on time for bath. Usually, I’m 5 to 10 minutes late of schedule.
Bath is a wonderful experience which washes down the grogginess of the previous night and the sweat of the past hour. I feel like a new human being after finishing my under-enjoyed shower. I offer a quick hello to god, who never has more than a minute or two in my very busy life ;) Dressing, breakfast and shutting down the computer. All these activities are take care of in the next fifteen minutes.
I grab an auto and rush to the bus stop. The auto journey is always preceded by five tense minutes, in which I always fear that I wouldn’t make it to the bus stop on time. Well, most of the time my tension is relieved when I see my friend Murthy in the sea of people in the bus stop. His presence gives me that assurance that I’ve made t on time. Congratulations!  My brief conversation with Murthy always begins with a curse to the sun god, for setting our heads and bodies on fire with the terrific heat. We face away from the sun rays trying to avoid the heat as much as we can. But we only succeed in producing huge harvests of sweat that take away the goodness of the morning’s bath. The buss arrives sometimes very soon, sometimes late. It’s as unpredictable as time itself, the time at which it comes (?)
The bus journey always means only one thing to me. Recovering the sleep time lost the previous night. I pull out my TUNGSTEN palmtop, open REAL PLAYER switch it to shuffle, and pop in my I RIVER headphones (after all we are Indians and we don’t give a damn about proper company combination's). Next, I listen to songs which I never paid a penny for. Downloaded from some blog or sharing sites. I drift into sleep somewhere around the second stanza of the third song (Note: - Distances in bus journey are measured in terms of songs durations.)
I wake up one turning prior to the entry of the college. The distance from here is about two full songs lasting five minutes each. (See what I mean?) The bus stops in the standard parking lot for buses and I get down after all the faculty and the females, who account for a huge chunk of population in our bus, get down. I stretch my cramped spine and get down. Taking in the tremendous heat of the sun, which happens to be more intense in our college (Duh!) I try to get over the pain of sitting with my legs folded with a quick walk from the bus stop to my department. I am obstructed from achieving my objective by groups of girls walking in front of me. Don’t know why but they always remind me of a herd of elephants. I cut across them till I find my own, free path to walk upon (too strong, eh?) My legs automatically take me to my class and my mouth gives out a programmed good morning to any faculty I encounter en route. I then reach class which is almost empty for a few people by the time I reach. I unburden myself of the weight on my shoulders and refresh myself in the toilet. I come back and sit under the fan for a while. This completes the traveling part of my road to college. :)

College Life!

Well well, it’s been a while since I’ve started doing active posting on my blog. But I never got a chance to tell you about what my college life is like. I’m absolutely sure that college days are the most enjoyed and cherished days of anybody’s life. So here I am to tell you about my college life. An average student with a hilariously funny gang which comprises of different people with different mind sets and individualities brought together by the beautiful phenomenon called “friendship”. So, buckle up! Join me on the ride to college.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wish I could write like this!

Well, first when I started this blog I thought, this should be mine and only my works all the way. But then, there are so many good poems and stories online that, I cannot help but sharing them with all of you! :)
The following poem is one of the best comical poems i've come across in recent times. Really smart and witty. Too good!


This is the winner:-

My darling, my lover, my beautiful wife,
Marrying you screwed up my life.

I see your face when I am dreaming.
That's why I always wake up screaming.

Kind, intelligent, loving and hot;
This describes everything you are not.

I thought that I could love no other --
that is until I met your brother.

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you.
But the roses are wilting, the violets are dead, the sugar bowl's empty and so is your head.

I want to feel your sweet embrace;
But don't take that paper bag off your face.

I love your smile, your face, and your eyes --
Damn, I'm good at telling lies!

My love, you take my breath away.
What have you stepped in to smell this way?

My feelings for you no words can tell,
Except for maybe “'Go to hell.”'

What inspired this amorous rhyme?
Two parts tequila, one part lime

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Novels and Films!

I happened to read this book Twilight recently. Considering that I read a good number of books ;) I was late in reading twilight. Though, the story of a human falling in love with a vampire was not that appealing to me. The other thing was that I had already seen the movie which was not exactly that gripping story wise or taking wise. But, as I started reading the book, I found that it was an easy and breezy read. A very entertaining book. I was really taken by the way the author portrayed the character of the narrator Isabella Swan. Her balancing problems, the way she gets obsessed with the character called Edward Cullen. It was all very good to read. The humor which the author created through the role of the girl was really good. But then I was left wondering one thing after I finished with the book. Why wasn't it that good when I saw it on screen? This reminded me of the few other movies that were made based on the books that I read. Angels and demons, One night @ call center, and the Harry Potter series. Almost each of the movies was a disappointment considering the scale on which the book stimulated my mind.

In the case of angels and demons the book itself was so big that it couldn't be made into a proper feature film in the first place. So, they cut out huge chunks of the book that had the vital part of the story. The major reason why this very successful book was not received that well as a movie is that, it failed to stimulate the same imagination it evoked in the mind of the person who read the book first.

In the case of a more local Indian book. One night@ call center by Chetan Bhagat, the characters were totally morphed and modified. With bad taking and unnecessary songs they made a mess out of a very beautiful modern Indian book.

The case of harry potter is pretty much like angels and demons. The whole series of books has such a huge set of characters and situations which are impossible to show on a screen in a span of a few hours. But, the reason for the huge success of this series of movies is that, they gave faces to the very well known characters of the book. For example, we can never imagine Harry Potter without Daniel Radcliffe.

So where it concludes is that, books can never create the same impact on screen. It is because, when you write, sky is the limit. Your imagination has no bounds. But when it comes to making movies, you have limits. You have a budget and a limited scope. Successful book adaptions are the ones which create the same environment in the mind of the person who read the book.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Violent Anger!

Well, let me share some of my childhood experiences with you guys. This particular incident happened when i was in my third standard. We had just moved into our current new house at that time. I was back home from school that evening. I was grim and dull as I had a very heavy cold and I scored very less in some unit test, if i remember well. So then, I came home and my mom gave me this cough syrup. That particular cough syrup was one of my favorites. It used to taste sweet and a little bit like a bubble gum. ;) I insisted my mom that she should give me and extra spoon since the cold was getting worse. She was reluctant but then she got irritated with my constant pestering and finally gave me my extra spoon. After that, I busied myself watching Swat Kats. In the meanwhile mom opened my bag and saw the unit test book and the miserable marks that I scored. So, like every parent she got furious and asked me to switch off the TV right when it was getting interesting. She started to scold me by explaining how I wasted time playing cricket and watching cartoons. I was kinda expecting this at school itself so, I put on the most convincing good boy expression and I kept listening to what she was saying.. Meanwhile, the aunt who stayed in the house beside mine came by. My mother didn't stop and was going on. This part, I didn't like. I got pissed and went into my room. I locked it and I locked all the windows. I started crying due to shame and embarrassment. I got angry and started throwing things in random directions. Clothes, chairs whatever I saw. It was then that my head started feeling heavy and I felt sleepy. I cuddled on the bed and slept off on a beautiful nap, which was made longer due to the cough syrup I took. It was some hours later that I sensed something poking me in the back of the head. I woke up startled. I saw that it was a small stick tied to another stick that was poking me. It came through the ceiling. I realized that my dozing off in a locked room caused a lot of panic. As I opened the door I saw no less that ten people form the neighborhood that gathered in the house. Everyone looked anxious and angry. I was told later that one the sounds caused panic and people started wondering if anything happened to me. As I came of the room after a royal nap, I was being cajoled and was being taken care of by my mom who was shouting at me a while ago. So much for my miserable marks. No one bothered about them anymore. ;)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Who killed them?

I woke up this morning and was feeling lazy and unhappy for not being able to sleep more on a holiday. I picked up a Telugu daily and saw the front page expecting and looking at the obvious headlines with the pictures from the cremation ceremony of the demised Chief Minister Dr.Y.S. Rajshekar Reddy. It was not the number of people that attended the ceremony that shocked me but one more article that stated that 348 people died due to the shock caused by the death of YSR. More than 25 were suicides and the rest of them were heart attacks caused by pure shock. As i was reading the article I was wondering why so many people died due to the death of one person. Accepting that he was a great leader I was still wondering what created such a killing shock wave. The reason I could find reasonable was hype. The sensational hype created by the super hyped up telugu media. From the day he went missing, all news channels were broadcasting only one thing and the people saw only one thing. The CM IS MISSING. It was covered so much and created so much of tension that people were actually becoming hysteric. They were both hopeful and tense. And when it was confirmed finally after two days, that the chopper crashed and all of the people in the chopper died, people were just not able to digest the fact that he died. This initial blast killed many weak hearted people. If this was not enough they went on for one more day showing all the misery and even the family ritual of him being buried, which was supposed to be a private family affair. I could see my mom all vexed up and tired the evening he was confirmed to be died. It was due to the fact that she was watching TV all day. It is understood that it is not the mistake of the media that they are doing this to crave their own niche in this era where news channels are increasing at a dramatic pace. But this is one ill effect it shows on people which has been proved lots of times. Even when the Taj hotel in Mumbai was taken by terrorists. Its high time that the media stopped hyping every single incident to the state of tension just for the sake of TRP's. And is it not high time that the government put a lid on the alarming increase in the number of news channels? And the content they show itself doesn't look so healthy. This trend should change....

Friday, September 4, 2009

New Sunshine!

It was a Monday...
A shining summer day...
I was feeling really bright..
Oh boy, the nature around was a delight!

It was then I saw her walk away...
The girl who took my breath away..

Seeing her everyday..
Seriously, made my day!

Her smile, her hair and her lovely eyes...
Its on her lively face that they reside..

The first time I talked to her..
I knew that I could never forget her...

Her words were like rain in summer..
Damn, People could live on them forever..

The chatter, the laughter..
Imprinted in my memory forever...

We shall stay this way..
Till the day time pushes you away...

I may remain as a fragment of your memory gone and forgotten...
But those memories will never be forgotten!

Looking for you...

Looking for you...
Knowing that you would know my pain...
Assured that you'd remain...
No matter whatever may happen...

Feeling you by my side..
Knowing that there is someone in this world, who is by my side...

Knowing that you'd always be there...
To share my joy, my sorrow and my pain..
To be my shade in the thickest of rains...

Knowing for whatever length...
You'd always be my strength...

My lonely soul searches for you...
Please leave me a clue..
I need to find you..
Life is miserable without you...

My Poems!

Well, i've started to become a bit expressive these days. So as a result i'm writing poems to express my feelings. So i'm gonna present the first few poems which are rather like little rhymes. Hope you enjoy them. Let me tell you, its circumstances that make people emotional more than any person can. I've to say that its more that my circumstances make me write such things! :)

Day 5-- History and Adios!

We had little time the last day as we had to catch our plane back in the afternoon. We could visit one place in the morning as my bro was all fine by then. My uncle wanted to visit one place and it was National Museum, the biggest museum in India which has a range of artifacts spanning the Harrappa's to the art of the 20th century Indian kingdoms. We reached there at 9.00 AM half and hour before the opening time of the place. We didn't have time to be bored. The outside of the museum had various idols of gods depicted by different kings of different times. Some were more than 400 years old but they still held the sharpness of the features they were supposed to hold when they were actually made. I made this interesting observation that, none of the idols of Vishnu, Shiva or Rama had these six pack bodies. All of them were slenderly built which gave them a not-so-powerful look. As I was still wondering why, we entered the museum. The building was like a circle with innumerable galleries on each floor. The Harappan section was the most fascinating one. It took us to the first human civilization in our country.
I was seriously in a doubt if I wanted to just enjoy the artifacts or if i had to click pictures. I choose to do both ;) After exploring the Harappan civilization for a while we went through random art sections where, there was so much to see that we were purely lost and enjoying whatever came our way.
We saw random things like a South Indian Garuda statue, a scene of a British war, the origins of the Indian navy,
various swords and shields used by the various kingdoms etc. . All in all it was a fun visit, with lots of photographs. We then reached Delhi's domestic terminal.

This airport was easily the best terminal i've ever seen(considering that i've seen only our Vizag airport :P)

The place was clean and well maintained. I got the chance to access wi-fi on my bro's sleek itouch which was a real treat for me. Then we proceeded for check in where we had a problem. I was carrying a bottle of water from the Ganga, which I wanted to give to my grandmom back at my place. The security officer was in a fix, torn between security concern and sentiment. The water itself looked brown with the dirt from the river. He consulted his senior who said that he'd allow the water only if we tasted it to prove that it didn't contain any toxic like stuff. My uncle looked tensed and my bro, oh well, he just recovered from a bout of amebiosis. I took the water and took a sip. For a second I controlled the urge to acting as if I fainted from the water ;) anyways, the security person was satisfied and let us through. We had lunch on one of the Pizza Hut outlets. I got back in touch with my e-world using the wi-fi I had at my disposal. Soon it was time for boarding. The trip had been a good one and I had no complaints whatsoever! Good Bye Delhi! I wish to see you more in the future :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 3 -- The streets, the shopping!

It was early evening that I woke up from the nightmarish ride that took the crap out of me. I was feeling better and refreshed. I was ready to go out and explore the city. But then my uncle and bro were still knocked out. So I got myself into the best clothes I could find ;) and went out. Now, I should tell you about this place called Karol Bagh where our hotel was located. The place is a huge shopping area. One of the most biggest and one of the most popular ones in Delhi. The whole place is like a huge 'H' with innumerable horizontal lines between the two highways on either side. I got to the end of the lane in which our hotel was situated. After reassuring myself that I remembered every possible landmark for the lane, I set out but still careful about not losing my way. It was a Thursday evening, and there were many enthusiastic shoppers moving about the streets. There were food joints in every other corner. But I decided to follow a pattern in the turns I took. So then, i took the fourth parallel road after the one with my hotel. This street was filled with shops selling all kinds of stuff one could think of. Clothes, Jewelery, Crockery, Pen Drives, Sweets, Flowers and some more stuff that i shouldn't really mention here ;) It was then that i spotted this mall called Vishal. Since I one of my objectives of this mission was to by some god clothes, I entered the mall. Man, the clothes were cheap in Delhi. They were cheap along with being very fashionable. I lost myself in the world of fabrics for about two hours. It was after I finished my shopping that I remembered that I had to pick some stuff for my sister also. I went back to the mall and went to the first floor that had girls clothes. I was distraught seeing the huge sea of colors in front of me. There were all possible forms of clothes that girls could wear maybe, without becoming models or something. So, I was just staring around stupidly, when I decided for help. I spotted this female who looked about the same height and dimensions as my sister to help me. Her name was Shruti. It was my first time talking with a Delhi female. She was extremely good looking with long black straightened hair with the inevitable highlights of dark brown scattered here and there. She was thin for sure. But then i thought she was too thin with too much of diet control. She was dressed in a blue jeans and a white shirt. She reminded me of one of those female reporters that we keep seeing on NDTV or CNN IBN. She was very helpful and helped me pick some good clothes for my sister. She told me about her university which was Delhi University where she was doing economics. We exchanged views on education here and where I live. After fifteen minutes, we shook hands and wished each other luck. Hands loaded with shopping bags I was searching for a place to fill my belly as I was famished with all that shopping and talking. I found this food joint ( I don't really remember the name..) I had a roll and a dahi puri. It was fundoo I must say. After some more street shopping, I went back to the hotel enjoying myself with the busy streets and the buzzing activity all around. My uncle and bro were still asleep by the time I went back. The time was like 8 PM or something. They managed to drag themselves out of the bed and we went out to have some food in McDonald's where I ate for the first time. We then did some more shopping for my bro and reached back to the hotel, thoroughly satisfied with what I did and what i saw ;)